Your prescription for the perfect interview



Who needs us? You do.

Competition for medical jobs in the UK has become increasingly strong. With so much competition it is vital that you use every available advantage to put yourself ahead. That's where we come in.

We can help not only with what to say when faced with a question about a current hot topic; but just as importantly, how to say it.

Why do you need us? Well, you're here aren't you so you must be looking for something. We can even pick up your non-verbal cues over the internet.

Hot topics...

...constantly change

And there's the problem. You may know what's in the news at the moment but do you know why? And would you be able to answer a question about it's impact on you now or in one year?

Part of our day is dedicated to providing you with this information. And you receive the hand out for free when you attend a course.


Do you find that you are stumped at interviews and sometimes can't even mouth an answer? Even worse, does your mouth just run away with itself making a nonsense of what you wanted to say?

What you need is help structuring your answers. Come on a course and we can help provide you with that reliable, repeatable structure.